Career Profile

Dynamic and motivated professional interested in backend software development and systems architecture. Skilled in designing and building complex systems focusing primarily on quality and high performance. Used to making critical decisions, engaging in team leadership with an ability to work independently in order to turn ideas and plans into best products possible.


Solutions Architect

March 2017 - Present
Elpheria d.o.o.

Elpheria is a Smart/Connected systems integrator providing planning, development and management of cloud platforms to industrial and commercial operators who want to position their products to the cloud and gain competitive edge.

By leveraging Machine Learning data modelling, we aim to prevent data waste to produce revenue and valuable insights to both manufacturers and operators in order to optimise their workloads.

• Internet of Things research and development
• Software design, architecture and implementation
• Cloud deployments, design and migrations
• Kubernetes on-premises, baremetal and cloud consulting

Senior Software Engineer

August 2018 - Present

Providing Development services through applied DevOps processes for the new consumer-facing Keller Williams Realty system spanning from Google Cloud Platform integrations to backend development using performant Node.js procedures.

• Cloud-based backend development
• Continuous Integration and Delivery setup
• Kubernetes management
• Data-staging and Machine Learning implementation

Senior Software Engineer

February 2015 - March 2018
UniqCast d.o.o.

• Led core development team in a backend department
• Designed and implemented core, content management, content delivery, catch-up and HLS/TS AES encryption systems
• Implemented an in-house continuous delivery system based on Jenkins, GNU/Linux and MacOS, enabling the operations team to deploy application service releases to clients
• Implemented a licensing system to support issuing, revocation and validation of customer licenses
• Implemented an in-house Elastic stack multi-tenancy solution for Kibana/Elasticsearch and database fixtures support for initial deployment states
• Ensured and improved services with RESTful API principles, WebSocket and NATS microservice communication protocols

IPTV Platform Systems and Software Engineer

January 2013 - February 2015
Iskon Internet d.d.

• Designed and developed a remote management system for Customer Premises Equipment (Set-Top Boxes), helping Customer Support department in troubleshooting and resolving customer inquiries
• Integrated and quality-assured Vestel IP7350 and IP7630 OEM Set-Top Box models in order to satisfy ISP requirements and seamlessly integrate with BeeSmart IPTV platform
• Ensured OTA Set-Top Box High-Availability environment
• Improved in-house DHCP server according to STB integration requirements
• Provided passive 24/7 on-call duty to ensure smooth system operation

Broadband Services Development Administrator

November 2011 - December 2012
Iskon Internet d.d.

• Provided technical support for on-site access network maintenance technicians.
• Managed, configured and troubleshot Customer Premises Equipment, IPTV Set-Top Boxes and DSLAM deployments in both DSL and Fiber-Optic environments
• Provided passive 24/7 on-call duty to ensure smooth system operation


node-telnet-client - A popular Node.js telnet client library based on RFC 854 Telnet Protocol Specification. Initially developed for Customer Premises Equipment management use cases, but later open-sourced. Actively developed. Used in production.
rpc-websockets - A JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation using WebSockets for Node.js. Supports subscriptions, request/reply, notifications and multi-tenancy via namespaces. Actively developed. Used in production.
koa-cache-lite - A caching library for Koa.js web framework. Doesn’t depend on any 3rd party libraries. Supports In- Memory and Redis backends. Heavily used in UniqCast’s IPTV/OTT production deployments.
gorecord - A streaming media capturing tool that supports UDP and RTP streaming protocols. Used in UniqCast’s IPTV/OTT production deployments.
recurse - A Proof-of-Concept co-authored micro web framework written in C++14 using Qt.

Skills & Proficiency

Node.js & Express.js/Koa.js